About the Foundation

Concorde Career Colleges Scholarship Foundation is a charitable and educational organization that provides scholarships to current and future Concorde students, as well as assistance to other charitable programs in the communities it serves.

Concorde Career Colleges offers specialized health care education through nationally accredited degree and diploma programs at 16 campuses in eight states.

Scholarship Criteria and Awards

The Foundation’s Scholarship Committee oversees the awarding of scholarships. All potential scholarship recipients must complete and submit an application form, which includes at least three letters of recommendation and an essay. The Scholarship Committee takes into account a student’s academic merit as well as financial need and military service, if applicable.

The Foundation anticipates providing three to five scholarships annually during its initial years, and then plans to increase that number as fundraising increases. Scholarship awards are renewable if the student’s financial need continues, and the student is able to demonstrate above-average academic performance.

Concorde Scholarship Foundation - About the Foundation
Testimonial Recipient

“This money helped me in such an amazing way. It was the extra boost that I needed to further my training without worrying where that money would come from.”

Brittney Mothersill
Medical Assistant Graduate
Concorde-San Diego