For Our Partners

The majority of the contributions received by the Foundation are used to fund scholarships for three categories of students – those who excel in their studies and programs, our veterans and their family members, and students who might be experiencing financial hardship. With the balance of funds, the Foundation commits at least 25 percent of its disbursements for charitable activities other than scholarships. These non-scholarship activities focus on educational activities for the benefit of the communities they serve. Concorde operates in Florida, Texas, California, Tennessee, Missouri, Colorado, Mississippi and Oregon; hence, the Foundation focuses its charitable activities in these states.

The Scholarship Foundation is requesting financial contributions from Concorde’s strategic partners. In addition, the Foundation seeks contributions from the public. Concorde provides administrative support, at no charge, to the Foundation. As a result, the operating costs of the Foundation are minimal. The Foundation’s board of directors is composed of current members of the Concorde management team and other Concorde employees who donate their time to support the Foundation.

Become a Partner, Make a Difference

Concorde is looking for partners in the community to get involved and help support deserving students. Please call us today to find out how you can become a partner. Our phone number is 1-866-553-4409. Thank you.

Testimonial Partner

"As my own parents continue to age and have more health related issues, I am continually reminded of the value of good health care. The foundation of good health care is a good education. This is why the Kozet Boyd Foundation should be important to all of us, now and in the future. None of us are getting any younger!"

Greg Miller
President, Documart Printing