The Kozet Boyd Memorial Scholarship

About the Scholarship

  • Award Amount
    Kozet Boyd Scholarships will be based on personal circumstances and references, and the actual amount will be based on a recommendation from the Campus President.
  • Eligibility Requirements
    – Must demonstrate exceptional personal and academic achievements.
    – Must be a United States citizen or permanent resident.
    – Must have already applied for admission to Concorde Career Colleges and be in the enrollment process.
    – Must begin studies at Concorde Career Colleges within three months prior to award date as a new, first-time student and have been accepted as a student with financing being the only acceptance criteria awaiting approval.
  • Renewal Guidelines
    Any student awarded the Kozet Boyd Memorial Scholarship must maintain a minimum of a 3.00 GPA at Concorde Career Colleges to maintain award eligibility for each term.


I certify the information I provide in all sections of this application is correct and true to the best of my knowledge.

I understand that a confirmed misrepresentation, a missed deadline, and/or lack of meeting requirements may disqualify me from being eligible to receive a scholarship.

Please tell us why you want to be in the field of study you have chosen at Concorde Career College and why you would be a good candidate for the scholarship. Essay should be 500-750 words. *

Attach three letters of recommendation from non-familiar references. Please make sure these letters include your reference's full name, phone number and email address. If they do not include these three items, they will not count as references.

I certify that this information is true and accurate. I also certify that I am a citizen/permanent resident of the United States. I understand that any intentional misrepresentation will result in the loss of the scholarship.

Do you understand and agree to the terms listed above?